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L'italiano espresso online, the Italian course for everybody.

Good Morning.

My name is Rosaria Solarino, but everybody who knows me calls me Cettina. I’ve been active many years learning and teaching Italian (L1), the language you learn from very young ,and Italian (L2) which is what you learn when you already have a mother tongue and you live in Italy, or when you study Italian living in other countries.
I realised that the way you learn a second language is not very different from the way children learn it: it takes longer, but the steps you go through are very similar and even the mistakes you make are similar...

I used my knowledge (you can see my profile and the main jobs I have done going to the page 'About Me') to work with teachers, advising them to look carefully at the way their students learn Italian and help them with discretion, without pushing their learning pace too much.

I have been giving Italian lessons on the Internet for some time using this site called L’italiano espresso online (The Italian espresso online – Italian expressed online.) because it hints to the Italian way of making coffee, but also because it aims to enable those who follow them to express themselves and speak our language fluently, using the new technologies: the web, computers, MP3s, smartphones and tablets.

My lessons try to mimic the natural way children learn to speak, with me you learn Italian by listening to what others say in different situations, slowly gathering all the necessary information on how to use the Italian language to make yourself understood.

The lessons are supported by different types of short videos and audio files that can be downloaded and played even without an Internet connection; the opportunity to watch the videos and listen to the audio files over and over again, checking their transcription, quickly helps you to assimilate not only the words that are used most, but also the rhythm, the intonation and basic Italian grammar.

Among the audio files there are some with questions about what you have seen and heard and others that give explanations. This way the Italian you learn with my lessons is not only the language related to the videos and texts but also the one related to the questions and explanations: it’s just as if you have a teacher available any time you want, whose lessons can be listened to endlessly, any time day or night ...

The user will be asked to do exercises to be sent by email. In these exercises you find the most important grammar and lexicon topics used.
To improve pronunciation and intonation, users are also asked to record phrases imitating the speaker’s way of speaking. At a more advanced level, they are also asked produce short oral and written texts using the new structures and new vocabulary.

These exercises are corrected individually and returned to the user. If students deem it necessary, in addition to email, they can communicate via Skype and get personal clarifications.

The set of lessons, starting from the beginner level, enables you to gradually reach the B2 level of knowledge indicated in the Common European Framework for Languages. In order to help them pass the certification exams, when necessary, the students are given the opportunity to practice on tests actually used in previous years by the institutions which have the power to issue certificates.

The lessons are in Italian: whoever needs a translation can use an online simultaneous translator or a bilingual dictionary. However, for absolute beginners, it is possible to ask for explanations via email in English and French.

Natural learning of grammar and words.
Downloading of video and audio files with questions and explanations which can be listened to at will.
Individual learning support via email and Skype for beginners, also in English and French.
Individual exercise revisions.
Who could be interested? Students, tourists, Italian culture lovers, the over sixties ... anybody who knows how to use the Internet and new technologies!
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